Some Of The Services Provided?

  1. Foot assessment: Nails & skin; note abnormalities
  2. Safe and thorough nail grooming (Jeanne does not paint nails; please remove nail polish)
  3. Reduction of corns and calluses
  4. Simple padding & foot care products (available for purchase)
  5. General information & education (for diabetics)
  6. Access to multiple resources (promoting health & wellness)
  7. Basic hand care (includes: clipping, trimming, filing & massage)
  8. Foot massage (with essentials oils or creams)
  9. And More!
  • Nursing Assessment of the Feet & Skin (Required-$15)
  • Initial Foot Care Session (Priced according to severity of nail & skin condition)
  • Routine Foot Care (Maintenance-$30)
  • Basic Hand Care $10
The goal is for all clients to have routine foot care in an effort to keep their feet as comfortable and healthy as possible. After 90 days, the foot care session is no longer considered routine, therefore the client may be subject to an additional charge according to the condition of the nails.

Payment is due at the time of service. Insurance and credit card forms of payment are not accepted.

Foot Care Gift CertificateGift Certificates are available and make nice gifts for your loved ones!


Jeanne Otis is truly a professional foot care nurse! What a blessing it is to have her provide the help and care that my 91 yr old aunt so desperately needed.

Jane R. Morrill, ME